Jun. 2018



Sleek Skin 

Dermaplaning is a treatment that involves gently pulling a blade along your face to scrape the top-most layer of skin and fine hairs from the face. It reveals clear, even, smooth, and peach-fuzz-free skin. 

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Traditionally, this treatment is done at a medical spa by a licensed professional with a scalpel (an extremely sharp blade that’s used in surgeries), but I do a somewhat less intense version at home.


If you can’t tell, I like to be able to do different treatments on myself in-home. I like the freedom to perform them whenever I want and not have to make an appointment or drive anywhere (it’s also more cost effective). If you’re like me, then I think you’ll appreciate this. 


To do dermaplaning at home, I love to use the Dermaflash. It’s a safe, at-home device with a goofproof blade that replicates the in-office procedure. It instantly makes your face look sleeker and turns a dull complexion more vibrant. I like to call this the "baby's bottom" treatment also, because it makes the skin on my face look and feel exactly like that!   



You know when you shave your legs, they almost become tight and shiny looking? That’s what this does to your face! Dermaplaning removes the oldest layer of dead skin cells, built-up debris, and peach fuzz to give you baby soft skin! It honestly makes ALL the difference when applying makeup. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my skin so smooth & blurred looking with makeup on as when I use this!



Even though I primarily love dermaplaning for creating a flawless canvas for makeup, it offers other substantial benefits. 


This treatment will allow all of your skin care products to work more effectively. How? By getting rid of the junk that’s sitting on top of your skin blocking ingredients from being absorbed, they’ll now have the chance to penetrate the skin better!


Aside from facilitating your product effectiveness, dermaplaning in and of itself has anti-aging benefits. Scraping the outermost layer of your skin creates microscopic wounds in the skin (don’t worry these aren’t visible at all), which then causes your skin to react and regulate certain growth factors that stimulate collagen. This process promotes anti-aging and improves your skin’s quality.



Don’t worry, it is a myth that shaving or removing hair from your face will make it grow back thicker, darker, or fuller. Nothing that you do to the surface of your skin can change the way your hair grows and your peach fuzz will grow back exactly the same. Dermaplaning doesn’t go deep enough to affect the active stem cells of hair follicles which are located deeper down in the dermis. 

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Dermaflash 2.0 Luxe

I love that this device has a built in feature that elevates the blade just enough to treat the skin but avoid irritation or injury. It is super powerful, effective, and most importantly safe! 

If you’re interested in making your skin look smoother, more radiant, and fuzz-free I would absolutely recommend trying this! I promise, your makeup will look SO much better on too! I’m a little bit of a freak and LOVE seeing everything it’s taking off. It brings me joy to see peach fuzz detached from my body, so much so that I wish I had more areas to use it on!