Oct. 2018


For Dinner &

Special Occasions

So many of you guys asked about my all natural makeup look I wore for an evening out recently so I’m sharing the product breakdown below!

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I’ll wear this look to go out to dinner, any kind of special event, or when I want to look more "done-up" on camera. This color palette and overall look is definitely my go-to when I want something a step above my everyday, casual look. 


(These are all clean cosmetics too!)



Since your under eyes tend to get a little more wrinkly and show fine lines more than the rest of your face, I apply a primer specifically formulated for that area. I like to use the Mineral Fusion Soothing Eye Primer which really blurs, hydrates, and plumps this area. I was sold when I tested this on my knuckles and saw all the little lines/wrinkles smooth out instantly! 


Next, I use Mineral Fusion’s Liquid Concealer in shade “Neutral.” This stuff is AMAZING! I am super finicky about concealers because half of them blend out TERRIBLY. This one works better than professional makeup brands I’ve used in the past and the coverage is remarkable for hiding dark circles! It has serious brightening power. BONUS — It’s formulated with wrinkle-fighting, elasticity-promoting peptides that actually firm your skin while you’re wearing it.  



I use Mineral Fusion’s Liquid Foundation. I love this formula because it doesn’t feel like I have anything on my skin. It’s super lightweight, non-greasy, and gives a matte finish. It settles into my skin SO well (there is nothing clumpy or cakey left behind) — you wouldn’t even know I have anything on my face. BONUS - It’s infused with antioxidants, peptides, and botanicals to boost collagen, prevent aging, and nourish the skin.  


For a sun-kissed glow, I love Mineral Fusion’s Bronzer in shade “Luster.” This compact comes with two bronzing shades that have the nicest color formulations — one is matte and the other is shimmery. This is a SUPER natural looking bronzer — it never looks fake and layers nicely to achieve your desired level of tan. BONUS - It’s made with Pomegranate, Red Tea, White Tea, plus Vitamin C and E to defend against free radical damage while you’re wearing it. 



I’m in love with Pacifica Beauty’s Blush — these are my favorite blushes of ALL TIME. The soft, cute pink color reminds me of a fairy or perfect little doll. It looks so angelic on and instantly makes you look more feminine. I start with the color “Camellia” and layer on “Wildrose” after that, although they look great separately too. BONUS — These are infused with coconut and rose extract! 


My FAVORITE step is (and always will be) highlighter!! I love Pacifica Beauty’s Rainbow Crystals Liquid Mineral Strobe in shade “Crystal Moon.” I looooove this stuff because it’s super lightweight feeling, really pigmented, blends well, and lasts a long time! The color I use is a little icy white/silver looking and adds SO much dimension (AKA pop) to your face! It’s also subtle enough to wear during day time and can be layered for an extra glam look at night. 



For my eyes, I like to use Pacifica Beauty’s Pink Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. These colors are all gorgeous, you truly can’t go wrong with any of them — it has everything from pale pink, baby pink, peach, deep blush, to every shade of brown. I use the lightest colors all over my lid and go in with a blend of any of the darker colors along my lash line in place of liner. My signature color combination is the deep blush color mixed with a brown. I love to put this on my upper and lower lash lines for a sexy, smoky look. TIP: I also secretly use a little of this palette on my under-eyes as somewhat of a setting powder! The lightest pink shade is just PERFECT for this — it really brightens them up! 


Who doesn’t love a dual action mascara? One that performs their job as a lengthener, lifter, & volumizer, but also nourishes your lashes with a conditioning serum! I love the Dream Big Lash Mascara from Pacifica Beauty. It really makes my eyes pop, never flakes, and never dries my lashes out! For a special occasion look, I like to layer it on top of my false lashes! See my false lash selections here.   



Lip liner is the key to getting a full, sexy pout. I love Mineral Fusion’s Lip Pencils in colors “Elegant” and “Splendid” — these might be my favorite lip liners of all time too. The colors are velvety rich and they glide on so smoothly! BONUS - They’re formulated with Shea Butter, Meadowfoam, and Vitamin E to nourish your lips while you wear them! 


Instead of a true lipstick, I actually like to wear a lip butter by Mineral Fusion. My go-to color is “Luscious” and it leaves almost a glossy finish since it’s so hydrating. I hate how traditional lipstick can make your lips look dry and cracked after a couple hours of wear, so a lip butter that still has a rich pigment, like this one, will always be a favorite of mine! 


This completes the all natural makeup regimen I’ve been wearing lately for evenings out! All of these products together make for one sexy, sultry look — accomplished all without any toxic ingredients we want to avoid! To see how I finish off every makeup look, check out my "Antioxidant Mists" article!