Aug. 2018


Lash Brand,

Styles, & More

I’ve said this before, but lashes make ALL the difference in your face! They instantly make you look less tired and more sexy & sultry.

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Instead of lash extensions, I wear strip lashes that better suit me. Several years ago, I developed an allergic reaction to all lash extensions and lash glue where my body had HORRIFIC responses to them. I could not even go out in public, I was put on a steroid medication, and my doctor forbid me from ever getting lash extensions again — that's how bad it was!


Aside from physically not being able to get lash extensions anymore, I like to play around with different lash styles for different occasions and strip lashes allow me to do that. On top of that, I love being able to take them off when I'm done with the look because I don't like looking glam ALL the time and sometimes just want to have a completely bare, natural face (with lash extensions, you have them on 24/7.) When I do wear lashes, I have one brand that I’m loyal to because their styles are my absolute favorite and they also don’t irritate me (as you now know, I have really sensitive eyes). 



I love Red Cherry’s styles because they are subtle and appropriate to wear on the daily, but they also really transform your face. 


Other lash brands I’ve used in the past tend to be too heavy on me (even their most “natural” style) and I look way too done-up to be walking around in real life. I look more like I should be on a broadway stage. [Side note: At one point I actually thought this looked good, but looking at old photos of myself changed my mind on that real quick. It’s just too much.]



I have to be super careful with everything I put in and around my eyes since I get allergic reactions easily. I’ve had numerous other experiences where my eyes get blood shot red, irritated, or swell up when trying new products so when I find something that doesn’t irritate my eyes (that I also love) I hold on tight to it. 


The materials that Red Cherry uses cooperate so well with my system. Their lashes are 100% human hair, latex-free, cruelty-free, handmade, and lightweight which makes them SO comfortable to wear. 


When I had allergic reactions with other false lash brands in the past, I was SO bummed that I had to sacrifice my favorite glam accessory, but thank god I discovered Red Cherry lashes! They satisfy my two worlds of wanting to look glam, but also needing to use quality, natural, and non-irritating materials. 


If you have sensitive eyes like me and want to start (or already are) using false lashes, then I highly recommend trying Red Cherry. If you DON’T have sensitive eyes, I still highly recommend trying them haha! They are the best looking lashes out there to me! 



All of their lash styles are gorgeous and truly unique from one another, but, as with anything, I have my favorites that I keep going back to and routinely wear. To the untrained eye, these might all look exactly the same, but trust me, they are VERY different on.   






These are my #1 go-to lashes! I stock up on Birmingham and have at least 3 pairs of them in my drawer at all times because I wear them so often. This style is the best of both worlds, you can wear them during the day and night. Natural enough, yet still add a little glam to your look. The length is on the longer side, but they are pretty thin and light. 




These are my favorite for special occasions! The ends are super long and winged out like a butterfly and I love how feminine and flirty they look. These tend to be as bold of a style that I’ll go because I hate when lashes are too overpowering and overly noticeable. The thickness/darkness of these lashes are just right for a night out.  




I LOVE these for daytime. These are definitely the cutest lashes — perfect to add some sparkle to your face but still look very delicate and natural. These are what I reach for when I want to keep it casual and subtle, but still pretty!   




These are my favorite cat-eye lashes! They’re pretty dark/thick compared to my others, but they’re on the shorter side which evens it out so they’re still not overpowering. These can also transition from day to night nicely. I would recommend these if you’re not into long, fluttery lashes. 

I can’t emphasize enough how lashes make all the difference in enhancing your appearance. You definitely don’t have to look like you’re about to go perform on stage every time you wear them either, as long as you choose the right kind! I love getting to instantly enhance my face with different styles for every mood & occasion!