May 2018


Doll-Like, Angelic Enhancement

Lashes change your whole face. They can instantly make you look more feminine, doll-like, and just cuter, for lack of a better word. To have this look at all times and without any fuss, I love to get a keratin lash lift.

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This is basically like a perm for your eyelashes. It makes them curled, fluffed up, and appear longer & thicker permanently (well, at least for a couple months). It is SO nice to go to bed and wake up with pretty looking lashes with no effort required. It also makes no makeup days more enjoyable since you look prettier naturally.


If you’re looking to enhance your natural beauty with something subtle, or if you’re looking to cut time in your getting ready process, then this treatment is for you!



First, a gel pad is applied to cover your bottom lashes and separate them from sticking to your top lashes that are getting the treatment. 


A silicone piece is applied on your eye lid. This serves as a platform to lay the lashes upon when stroking them upwards and also blocks your skin from the glues and formulas that will be applied to the lashes. 


Next, we start curling the lashes up, shaping them into the position we want them to stay in. I love this picture because it really shows what a difference my natural lash shape has compared to the shape we are forming it into. My lashes naturally stick straight down, but we are about to change that! 


The pink perm solution is applied. This coats the lashes to “lock” them in place how we’ve brushed them up. This sits for several minutes.   


The pink perm solution is removed. 


A blue setting lotion is applied and sits for several minutes. 


The blue setting lotion is removed. 


Any and all formula residue is gently removed from your lashes and skin. 


The silicone platform and under-eye gel pads are removed. 


The lashes are brushed out! 


Voila! You can see that this treatment almost lifts your entire face! Before, I look tired and my features look droopy, but after, my face is brighter, more youthful, and more angelic looking. 

The after photo was taken immediately after treatment, I have no mascara on  nothing at all on my lashes! They are standing up like that and look fluffed up all on their own! These results last 6-8 weeks!


*My treatment was performed by MT Skin Clinic & Beauty. 

I wanted to mention that I give very specific directions when I do this treatment. I don’t like when lashes are curly at the ends, I prefer only the base of the lash to point upwards and leave the remainder of the lash straight. So, instead of the lash taking the shape of the letter “C”, I ask for mine to be more straight, but still lifting up at the bottom like the letter “J”. My aesthetician understands exactly what I want to help me achieve this look!

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