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Nov. 2018



Detoxified Skin

As with most of my beauty rituals, this one revolves around detoxing the body and it's something I practice regularly (at least once or twice a day) either as I’m washing my face or during the time I’m applying my skincare products.

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I love lymphatic drainage because it helps revitalize your skin on a deeper level than topical treatments alone can reach.


Before I tell you about lymphatic drainage, I want to make sure we’re all on the same page about what the lymphatic system does. 


The lymphatic system is the body’s garbage system. It includes many tiny lymph nodes throughout your body located just under the skin. These glands store fat and toxins and will continue to store them unless they are drained. Stagnation or blockages in the nodes mess with the filtration process, which increases the amount of toxins in the blood and lymph system. 


An excess of these fluids can cause acne, increased sebum levels, and blockages in the pores. If your lymphatic system isn’t in tip-top shape, it’ll show in your complexion. You can always tell when someone has lymphatic fatigue because they have darker circles and puffiness around the eyes, sometimes more fine lines, and duller skin.


Unlike your cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system has no pump to keep the lymph moving and prevent buildup. Instead, it depends on mechanical intervention like exercise or massage to keep it flowing.


This is where physical manipulation of the lymph nodes comes in to play.



Lymphatic drainage involves a massage with light pressure that moves from the center line of the body towards the lymph-filtering areas on the perimeter of the body. These lymph filtering areas are located under your chin, near your clavicle, and behind your ears. Stimulating the lymphatic glands of the face helps to carry stale fluid out of your tissue and into lymph nodes where it is cleared. This fluid literally cleans the body by eliminating toxins. 



Good circulation and pumping lymphs are reflected in healthy, glowing skin.


Lymphatic drainage boosts oxygen flow, detoxifies the skin, alleviates muscle tension, smooths visible fine lines and even promotes the absorption of your skin care products! (BONUS - It also releases endorphins which offsets the negative effects stress can have on your appearance.)


Your skin will benefit as toxins are being removed (similar to how your skin glows when doing a cleanse). The circulation to the skin will cause more blood flow to the face making you glow more. Not to mention, ridding your body of toxins is always a good thing for your skin!



Apply light pressure in circular motions to the specific areas. I pause at each of these points and draw 3 slow circles with my fingers. I promise, there is a reason for the sequence I’ve outlined and it will become second nature after you do it a few times. 


You’ll notice that the neck portion is repeated several times and done in between each other section. This is essential in order to correctly drain all the fluid. We are working everything from the other parts of your face down and toward your collarbone since the nodes located there are responsible for processing the fluid and ridding it from the body.


Pause at each point mentioned below and massage 3 circles with your fingers 

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.19.56 PM.png


Start underneath ears, then go to middle of neck (right along the sides), then base of neck (where it meets your shoulders), then the center where your collarbones almost meet

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.22.00 PM.png


Next go to your chin, use all of your fingers to massage your chin, next go right underneath the corners of your mouth, move to the base of your jaw

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.24.15 PM.png


Go back to underneath ears, middle of neck position, then base of neck, and collarbone position again

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.28.23 PM.png


Go underneath your eyes (right along side your nose), then go out on your cheekbones (next to the corner of your eye)

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.24.15 PM.png


Go back to underneath ears, middle of neck position, then base of neck, and collarbone position again

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.37.10 PM.png


Start at your forehead, right above your eyebrows, then out to your temples

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.40.09 PM.png


Bring all of the drainage down to right in front of your ear, then underneath the ear, the middle of the neck, base of the neck, and collarbone position

You’ve just performed your very own lymphatic drainage! Like I said, you’ll get the hang of this routine the more you do it and won’t have to follow along with directions. You can also just pay attention to what feels good on your body and do more of that. For me, the spot where my jawline ends and the back of my ears meet always needs some extra love.

It might seem like some silly voodoo to you at first, but I have verified with medical professionals who wholeheartedly believe in the power of lymphatic drainage. It’s so simple and easy to do at home that you might think, “There’s no way this can provide any real benefits,” but the mechanical manipulation of lymph nodes is backed in science (and the beauty industry)! I notice such a difference in my complexion when I spend more time on this  my skin is substantially clearer and more vibrant!