Jul. 2018


Prep My Skin

Before Makeup

How you prep your skin for makeup is just as important as the application. I have a whole routine I like to perform to ensure my makeup goes on smoothly & looks flawless.

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In an ideal world, I would do ALL of these things but If I’m short on time, I’ll settle for just one or two of these steps. If I am lucky enough to have plenty of time, I do my routine in this order: 



I LOVE to do my Evanhealy French Rose Clay mask to actively draw pimples and blackheads to the surface, detoxify bacteria, minimize the appearance of my pores, and absorb excess oil/debris. It also increases circulation and oxygenation to the surface of the skin which helps reduce puffiness and inflammation. This is my favorite clay mask ever because it makes my skin look GLOWING, clear, vibrant, and healthy. This is a MUST to do the day before an event! I also keep it on as long as possible, more than the standard 5-10 minutes.    



If you don’t have a Dermaplaning device, I think it’s mandatory to own a little facial/eyebrow razor (they are literally $3, please buy one and use it). Although this isn’t as heavy duty as a dermaplaner, you can achieve a similar effect by removing all the hair, peach fuzz and dead skin from your face. This will make your makeup look 10 times better — it will sit on your skin cleaner and give the illusion of tighter, firmer, more sleek skin. 



French Rose Clay

This mask is also really fun to make and use. I feel like a skincare chef/scientist since you have to activate the mask by mixing equal parts powder and water (I do a teaspoon of each). It's not complex by any means, but it's still fun to concoct up!

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 5.54.43 PM.png


Facial Razors

Peach fuzz is one of the first things I notice on someone (myself included), and the truth is, everyone's skin & makeup looks so much better when it's not there. These tools are easy, quick, effective, painless and will create a noticeable difference in your complexion! You will see and feel it!  


I always prep my skin with Hyaluronic Acid and use it in place of a primer. It makes makeup go on so smooth so that it just melts into your skin. It has almost a watery texture that provides a really nice base for anything you put on top of it. It makes your skin look plumped, supple and the effects are noticeable instantly! Hyaluronic acid gives your skin an instant lift, the perfect start to a flawless makeup routine!




Hyaluronic Acid

For recommendations on my favorite H.A. serums, visit my article here! If you're attached to using a traditional primer, I would still recommend layering this underneath! 


If you read my NuFace article, you know why I like to do this before makeup application! It provides a true chiseling and contouring of the face that lifts all your features (crucial for appearing more youthful and attractive). Instead of my face looking tired and drab, a quick NuFace session perks my facial features up and shapes/tightens them to look more appealing to the eye.



Facial Toning Device

If you're not ready to commit to or invest in the original NuFACE device, you can always get the NuFACE Mini for a fraction of the cost. You'll get all the benefits of a microcurrent treatment, just in a petite, portable size!

A lot people rely on their makeup to perform miracles and do a lot of the work for them. I say, why not make it easier for your cosmetics to enhance your appearance? I've always believed that the canvas you start with is ultimately what's going to influence your final product — and all of these steps get you off to a pretty good head start!