Jul. 2018


Every Single Morning

Each morning after having a full glass of water, I reach for my matcha kit and start sifting and whisking. This has honestly become a ritual for me, maybe even a spiritual one at that.

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If i’m traveling and not able to make my own matcha or get one somewhere early in the morning, I go into a full blown tail spin... You can ask any one of my family members and they’ll tell you some horror stories.


One morning we had to leave for the airport early so I didn't make my regular matcha at home and I was counting on getting it from Starbucks at the airport. It turned out that the only Starbucks was at a completely different terminal where there was no way I could make it there and back without missing my flight. I'm going to be honest, I weighed the pros and cons of missing my flight versus getting my matcha. I ultimately decided I couldn't get my tea and I think I complained about it every hour for the entire 6 hour flight ahead. Needless to say, I am a matcha tea addict. The world feels right when I’m sipping on a cup in my hand.

Aside from craving the taste, what I REALLY love about matcha is the enormous amount of health benefits it has.


Matcha contains exponentially higher amounts of antioxidants compared to all fruits and vegetables. The antioxidant value of ceremonial grade matcha is 1,384. To put this into perspective, acai berries have an antioxidant value of 55, blueberries have a score of 93, and dark chocolate has a score of 227. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body that contribute to aging. They literally keep your body looking and feeling young.   


Matcha’s color is due to its abundant chlorophyll content, which is known to be a natural detoxifier. It regenerates and cleanses the body at the molecular and cellular level by oxygenating your blood which thereby improves the quality of your skin and overall radiance. Matcha also contains dietary fiber, another detoxifying agent.



Matcha contains an amino-acid called L-Theanine which naturally promotes relaxation while heightening concentration. The amino acid is also known to reduce anxiety and enhance mood (probably why I’ve developed somewhat of an attachment and addiction to it).



Matcha contains a compound called EGCG which is known to boost the metabolism. A fast metabolism means more calories burned. (EGCG is also a free-radical fighter that blocks wrinkle formation and even reverses UV damage.)



I make my matcha at home using this kit. It's so crucial that you sift and whisk it! Honestly, don't bother making it at home without these tools  it will come out clumpy and the matcha powder won't mix well into the hot water. (You can get an inexpensive kit on Amazon.)


I try to buy the highest quality matcha out there to ensure that I'm still getting all of the health benefits of it. Look for the words "Ceremonial Grade" which means only the finest quality tea leaves were selected to make it. This guarantees the highest nutritional value. 

My morning tea is honestly the highlight of my day, some days it’s what gets me excited to get out of bed. I love the process of making it, sipping on it slowly, and knowing it’s great for my body. It might seem like a hassle to do all these steps but it takes a total of one minute and has almost become therapeutic for me. Once I’ve sifted, whisked, and added my favorite non-dairy creamer, I feel truly ready to start my day!