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Your Brows

I was so unbelievably hesitant about getting this done! I thought about it for probably a year before finally pulling the trigger and I couldn't be happier with the results.

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I have always disliked the growth pattern of my natural brows and I always dreaded having to pencil them in, so it only seemed right to get microblading. 


First of all, anything that is permanent makes me extremely nervous. Because I know I’m so picky, I worry that if I don’t like something, it can’t be changed. If I didn’t have such faith in my aesthetician, I probably still wouldn’t have gone through with it. Her precision and artistic eye made me feel so much more confident going into it.  


I was also really concerned that my eyebrows might turn out too severe, too dark or “tattooed” looking. I always saw great microblading pictures on dark featured brunettes, but it was hard to find pictures of results I liked on blondes. I can say that my aesthetician chose the perfect color for my light features. (Note that right after you get them done, they will be darker than the final intended result. Once that initial darkness fades, the color looks perfect.)



For my first treatment, the motto was definitely “less is more.” I started off really slow with this whole process, asking for the most subtle look she’s ever done! There is nothing worse than doing too much too fast because the results are irreversible! Stay slow & steady and only add more when you feel comfortable!


After completing my first appointment, I came back one week later to build upon our initial session. At this point, I was comfortable with the procedure and even wanted MORE done. This is exactly how I would recommend approaching this treatment if you decide to do it.



I am SO happy I fixed my brows permanently, they were definitely an embarrassment before haha (trust me, you’ll see from my before and after pictures). 


I honestly never realized how sparse my natural brows really were until looking at these before photos! I am so unbelievably impressed with my results and I would recommend this to any woman who pencils in her brows or is unhappy with her current shape!


It cuts so much time out of my getting ready routine not having to pencil my brows in anymore and they also look great when I don't have any makeup on like when I wake up, workout, or when I'm going to bed.


I also HIGHLY recommend my aesthetician who performed my treatment. I would NEVER let anyone get close to my face with a needle and ink but her.


(My before and after picture is at the end — yikes!)



Your natural brows should be cleaned up first to get an accurate image of what you’re working with. 



Luckily, numbing cream is applied before doing this treatment to lessen the sensation. You still feel it, don’t get me wrong, but the numbing cream helps! 



Lines are drawn to use as markers for the shape the brows should take. 



These points are “mathematically” determined for ideal beauty and facial structure. You can see where your brows should start, peak, and end. 



Now the fun starts! My aesthetician doesn’t use the typical microblading method most commonly practiced in the US. Instead, she uses a European system. 


In this method, pigment is implanted in the skin via a vibrating pen (just like a tattoo) instead of the usual technique in America where pigment is etched into the skin using a fine blade. 


Using an electric machine (as opposed to manual handheld tools) is supposed to have a shorter healing time and only results in light dry skin instead of scabbing. I never had any true “healing” time because of this, only slight redness immediately after

which went away shortly.  



Even if I had attempted to grow my brows out for the rest of my life, my brows would sadly just never take this shape. I naturally don't grow hair in some areas so this is where intervening with a treatment like microblading is such a savior!



My left brow was not AS bad as my right one to start, but we still managed to improve upon it! I love that they are full and natural looking and have the perfect shape at all times now. 

*My treatment was performed by MT Skin Clinic & Beauty.

I am thrilled with the transformation my brows have gone under. They look so much better in pictures and in real life. Never underestimate how brows can change your appearance my face, as a whole, now looks more symmetrical and more polished! 

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