May 2018


For The

Perfect Tan

I am definitely a tanorexic and I’m not ashamed of it. Having a tan literally transforms my life (no exaggeration) I feel leaner, more toned, sexier, healthier, happier and ready to take on the world!

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Just as important as having a tan is, getting the RIGHT kind of tan is equally important. I think this goes without saying, but I just want to clarify — I haven’t *actually* tanned from the sun since I was probably in high school (when I didn’t know any better) and I hope you aren’t doing that anymore either!


UV Exposure is responsible for 80% of visible facial aging signs — AVOID AT ALL COSTS! This is why I am addicted to faux tans that cause ZERO damage to your skin but still give you all the glowing goddess benefits of a real tan! 


I always try and tan with an all organic solution (whenever possible) because I don’t want synthetic chemicals absorbing into my skin and I also don’t want to inhale any in the air while it's being applied.


When I’m in LA, my favorite stops to get a sun kissed glow are Sunless Beauty and Golden Glo (both are organic spray tan boutiques). I usually get a “double dark” tan because I am THAT naturally pale. My tans always come out PERFECT not just because of the technique and solution used, but also because of the pre and post products I use. The results also last longer (a minimum of 1 week) and look better because of my prep and care routine. 


Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.47.55 PM.pn


This exfoliating mitt is not like others in that it’s infused with activated charcoal which draws out dirt, oil, and impurities to deeply clean out your pores. The exfoliating fabric combined with the infused charcoal gives your skin a double duty detox and ensures that your spray tan goes on better and stays on longer! I use this in the shower before every session.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.52.49 PM.pn


This is applied BEFORE you get your tan to hydrate and prep the skin in order to receive the tan better. I know you’re always told to come with NOTHING on your skin before you get a tan, but this is not only completely safe to use beforehand, it actually enhances the way the tan goes on your skin. It looks so much better on hydrated, nourished skin and it’s a light, easy mist to spritz on your body! I usually hate having to forgo my full body moisturizer before a tan because my skin gets too dry so this solves that problem! The spray can also be used post tan for hydration! 



This stuff is a game changer. If you’re a spray tanner, you know the uncomfortable sticky feeling I’m talking about after getting your tan (I hate it more than anything)! I feel like I can barely sit, breath, or even have my limbs touching any part of my body. Luckily, this powder has completely changed that for me. If you invest in none of these other spray tan essentials, let this be the one! I promise you it will be worth it. I douse my entire body with this immediately after getting my tan. It smells heavenly and also helps prevent smudging & transferring of your freshly acquired tan. The ingredients are also 100% food grade so I’m not concerned about breathing it in when I’m covering myself in it!



This is the only body wash I use — even without a tan! I have such sensitive skin and this is the only shower cleanser that cooperates with my body. It’s super gentle, hydrating, and extends the life of your spray tan! Most other conventional soaps have ingredients that actually strip your tan away immediately so I always have about 3 bottles of this stuff on hand (just in case I run out — I’m pyscho)!



This is great to use alone or in days following your tan to extend it. I’ve used this at home over the course of a few days to build natural color if I’m not able to come in for a real custom spray tan. The gel has a hint of green to offset any orange tint that might occur and has a non-streak formula! I love that it’s made with all natural plant based ingredients, making it the perfect substitute to the old school chemical-laden Jergens formula I’m sure we all grew up using!

This is everything I do and use to look like a golden goddess! The best part is that every step of my process from the pre-care, spray tan itself, and post-care is all natural, organic, & vegan making me LOOK and FEEL healthy all around!