Jun. 2018


To Remove All

Your Makeup

If you’re like me, you’re probably absurdly fatigued at the end of the day or night when it’s time to take off your makeup or wash your face.

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I literally dread this step sometimes but I know it's the only option I have since I will NEVER fall asleep with my makeup on... If you need convincing on WHY this is so important, read below: 


Sleeping in a day’s worth of makeup is not only a recipe for breakouts, but also for advanced aging. Your makeup traps all the free radicals in the environment and, as a result, causes the breakdown of healthy collagen that results in fine lines.


Even if you don’t wear makeup, pollution — which is literally everywhere, clings to the surface of skin and causes dullness, pigmentation, dehydration, fine lines, congestion, and loss of firmness and elasticity.


Now that you know why taking off all your makeup/cleaning your face before bed is absolutely necessary, I want to help make this process easier and more effective for you.


If you use poorly made or inefficient makeup removers, you'll have to work harder (and be more aggressive with your skin) to remove it. This is a problem for two reasons:

1. Pulling or tugging at your skin results in damage (AKA premature aging of the skin).

2. You’re probably not fully removing anything — it’s just being smeared around your skin leaving behind traces that contribute to premature aging and/or acne. 



Micellar water is the quickest, most effective, and gentle method I’ve found to date to completely remove everything from my skin. My makeup comes off in one swipe which means I can be more delicate with my skin and I can even get the whole removal process done faster!


I know micellar water is all the buzz these days, however i’m not sure everyone knows exactly what it is.



Micellar water is made up of micelles, which trap impurities in the skin (sebum, pollution, oil and traces of makeup), so they can be wiped away easily. 


A micelle is a structure of grouped molecules that bond a collection of particles in a particular way. They clean the surface of the skin because they have the capacity to attract dirt and grease, like a magnet, which becomes trapped in this type of micellar structure. After they’ve gently acquired the impurities, we wipe off the micelles and their contents.


I’m obsessed with this concept because it doesn’t just smear makeup around your face like many other removers or wipes — it literally eats the stuff up off your face, encapsulates it, and takes it all away with a swipe. My favorite part —it doesn’t contain alcohol and never stings!



Micellar water is also incredibly versatile, it can be used as a toner, face wash, brush cleaner, you name it! This means that you could cleanse your face with it - NO RINSE REQUIRED! Its consistency is so lightweight, refreshing, nourishing and hydrating that you don’t have to follow with water (especially because it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily).


Just because I am the queen of being thorough, I tend to follow with a traditional face wash after using the micellar water to remove my makeup, however it is completely allowed if you’d like to use it as a one stop shop! (And trust me, I don’t blame you if it’s the wee hours of the night.)


Kale Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic

I regularly use this micellar water which is formulated with Kale Extract, Glycolic Acid, Calendula, & Grapefruit Water. My face feels SO clean after using this, but it’s still not harsh or over-drying! This particular micellar water is made for blemish-prone or oily skin & also brightens your complexion!     


I love micellar water because there are so many different fun formulations to try — one for moisturizing, calming, brightening, anti-aging, etc. Essentially, this is creating one more opportunity to infuse your skin with good-for-you ingredients, rather than using a standard makeup removing wipe with little or no benefits (that might actually even be damaging your skin). Since skincare is never one-size-fits all, I love that micellar water is so customizable!