Sep. 2018



Treat Your Pores 

When impurities and oil are jammed in your pores, even the best skin care products can’t penetrate into the skin to make a difference. Using an ultrasonic skin spatula is the best extraction method I’ve EVER used and cleans out my skin like NOTHING else out there.

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This tool gets the most stuck-in-there-gunk out of my pores and also delivers a glow to the rest of my face. BONUS — there are 2 very different uses for this tool which I will explain later (deep cleaning is only one of them)! 


My facialist, Jessica, at Brigette Beaute, uses this tool on me during her facials but I decided I had to get one at home because the clean is TOO good and it also KEEPS my skin super clear. It is so cleansing that it prevents new breakouts from ever even occurring — this is why I love to use it at least weekly, sometimes twice a week.


I’ll admit it doesn’t look like it would really do much, let alone give the best at home cleaning of my life, but it does! I’m addicted to using it on myself, as well as any willing family member who will let me have my fun on them (I love seeing stuff come out of someone's pores).



There’s no sharp blade or anything, yet it still manages to lift everything right out of your pores. This ultrasonic device features vibrations of up to 28,000 vibrations per second, which basically “jiggles” out impurities from pores as it glides over the surface of your skin like a spatula. 


You control the pressure, angle and direction of the spatula to delicately work debris from your pores, focusing on problem areas and cleaning the skin gently without aggressively pinching or peeling it.




This is the BEST, non-damaging way to get stuff out of your pores and should replace the old-school squeezing and pinching method. Using your fingernails to perform extractions damages your surrounding skin, spreads bacteria, and sometimes doesn’t even get the darn stuff out!


Also, if you’ve ever tried a comedone extractor tool, you know that it leaves marks on your skin that sometimes require healing time on their own in addition to your original blemish (I hate that). The ultrasonic skin spatula leaves not a single mark, scrape, or trace that you’ve ever even used it! It is the most sanitary, quick, effective, and painless method for performing extractions.




As I mentioned earlier, even if you don’t need any extractions, this thing makes you glow by resurfacing the skin and removing dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum that you can’t necessarily even see. It makes my skin super radiant when I’m bare-faced and also makes my face smoother when I put on makeup. There is a NOTICEABLE difference in my pores after usage — I can see the now empty holes that dirt and oil used to occupy — it's amazing!



I told you there were 2 uses for this product, as if the first one isn’t good enough!

The second main function of this tool is performing what’s called sonophoresis which allows for rapid and intense absorption of topical ingredients. 


Sonophoresis uses ultrasound vibration to momentarily create little spaces in the outer layers of the skin, disrupting the skin barrier and allowing greater absorption of applied product. Transdermal delivery means that you are exponentially increasing the effectiveness of your vitamins, creams, and serums since they are penetrating fully.



For the deep cleaning function, you hold the tool with the curve facing downwards (like an upside down spoon you would use to scrape). To perform the product absorption function, you will flip the tool over and use the opposite side to glide with the curve facing upwards (like the back of a spoon). There are also two different settings you will apply to the controls when switching between uses.



Ultrasonic Skin Spatula

I would highly recommend getting one, especially since they’re so inexpensive (I got mine on Amazon for only $49). For the amount of benefits I get from it, I would have paid double that price.     

I’m in love with this little tool  I really wish I had discovered it sooner! It also blows my mind that it performs two completely different skin-perfecting functions!