Nov. 2018


That I'm

Addicted To

I’m not one to ever conduct my own workouts, meaning I never go to a gym and do moves off the top of my head or a routine I’ve come up with myself. I LOVE guided workouts, either classes or videos, where I’m given instructions every step of the way.

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I know myself well enough to know that I work WAY harder and push myself when I exercise while being coached. I’ve found it’s best that I’m not the one determining what moves I do and how long I do them for because we inevitably choose to do what’s comfortable.


A class forces me to do the things I hate. I’m sure we’ve all heard this, but the moves we dread the most are the ones we need to be doing the most. The ones you kind of enjoy and don’t mind performing are the ones you’re already good at most likely and where your muscles are already well developed. 


My workout style is far from crossfit, boxing, running, or any bootcamp but also far from grandma workouts where you barely break a sweat (I don’t know which irritate me more honestly). Basically, anything that involves jumping I’m never going to do haha — but anything that I could be doing in my sleep I also refuse to do. ENTER — the pilates megaformer! I feel like this is the perfect in between workout.



The megaformer is an intense training session, which  basically combines pilates with strength training to achieve visible muscle definition significantly faster than pilates or any other kind of pilates-based workout alone. It’s high-intensity, low-impact, and uses slow & controlled movements to seriously kick your butt.


It is super challenging, I’ve never not been sore after a class but it’s also attainable and makes me want to keep going back. I was told that it can get addicting when I initially started and I see that in full effect now. As soon as I leave one class, I can’t wait to schedule my next one for the following day.

I’ve honestly seen such a difference in my body since committing to these workouts. My legs have thinned out, my love-handles have decreased, my core is all around tighter, my arms look slimmer, and my booty is firmer and more lifted. What more could you ask for? 


I do these classes 4 to 5 times per week and at the very very least always make it to a minimum of 3 classes per week.


I want to emphasize that the studio you go to makes a HUGE difference in the quality of workout you receive.

I do NOT frequent traditional, old-school pilates classes that use a machine called a reformer. Instead, I go to studios that only use a Megaformer. I know these sound super similar but there is big difference. A good indicator that you’re looking at a reformer is that it’s wooden and looks super basic, whereas a megaformer is usually all black and high-tech looking.


The megaformer has been described as pilates on steroids. Trust me when I say that the difference in these machines makes a world of difference in your workout. I’ve mistakenly taken a REFORMER class and nearly walked out it was so boring and for old-ladies (sorry). 

The megaformer gets the heart rate up, stimulating more calories and fat burned. I am literally dripping sweat on the machine for the entirety of the class. Usually, in traditional pilates reformer classes, there isn’t much of a sweat factor. The Megaformer is a cardio workout in addition to a toning workout so you will sweat — a lot. I ALWAYS feel my muscles burning and shaking, which I LOVE.

I highly recommend this workout. I would start with maybe 2 classes a week and work your way up from there if you're new to it. At first, it might seem impossible or maybe like it’s not for you. I definitely had a moment where I thought about quitting, but looking back, I'm so happy I decided to stick with it and my body today is the best gift I could have ever given myself  I am the strongest I have ever been in my entire life. The struggle is worth it and there’s no way it won’t pay off. I challenge you to try it!